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Article: Guide To Civil Rights


Table of Contents
  1. Advocacy
  2. Policies and Initiatives
  3. Elder Rights
  4. Education Rights
  5. Employment Rights
  6. Healthcare Rights
  7. Housing Rights
  8. Transportation Rights
  9. Communication Rights
  10. Consumer Protection Rights
  11. Civil Rights Organizations
  12. Civil Rights Publications
  13. Civil Rights Protections
  14. Emergency Laws
  15. Community-Based Laws and Legislation

Social activism implies the use of action to achieve a result. In dealing with disability issues, the social activism of advocates has affected change in government and society. The increased participation of youth with special needs in activities has contributed to the increased inclusion of all people with disabilities in society over the past few decades.

Below are links to different activist organizations for disabled people. There are also articles that discuss activism and ways to affect social change.

American Disabled for Accessible Public Transit
This organization campaigns for more services in the community to allow the disabled, to live in their own homes.

Ragged Edge Magazine Online
The Ragged Edge is an online magazine that reports on the disability experience in America. Their writers report on what the disability community is saying and doing about disability issues.

Disabled Activism Growing
This article discusses social changes that account for the growing number of disabled youth who are becoming activists.

Nonviolent Action and People with Disabilities
This article discusses nonviolent ways for people with disabilities to gain recognition and bring about change.

Last Updated on 1/22/2016