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Article: Guide To Civil Rights

Elder Rights

Table of Contents
  1. Advocacy
  2. Policies and Initiatives
  3. Elder Rights
  4. Education Rights
  5. Employment Rights
  6. Healthcare Rights
  7. Housing Rights
  8. Transportation Rights
  9. Communication Rights
  10. Consumer Protection Rights
  11. Civil Rights Organizations
  12. Civil Rights Publications
  13. Civil Rights Protections
  14. Emergency Laws
  15. Community-Based Laws and Legislation

The elderly face issues that are specific to their population. These challenges are different from what other members of the community may encounter. Many elders are dependent on others for help with their daily living activities, transportation, and general health. Unfortunately, many elders are unknowingly mistreated by their caregivers. Mistreatment of those caring for elders is called "elder abuse".

Older Americans Act
The Older Americans Act was first signed into law July 14, 1965. This law provided funds for research and service programs to help elderly Americans. The Administration on Aging hosts this web page that provides comprehensive information on the Older Americans Act.

Facts about Law and the Elderly
Facts about Law and the Elderly is an online book that discusses elder abuse. The online book also provides information about the rights of grandparents and end of life planning.

Nursing Home Law and Resident Rights
The Nursing Home Law and Resident Rights is a web page that contains both a summary version, as well as the complete laws regarding the rights of those living in nursing homes.

Last Updated on 1/22/2016