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Basic Skills Deficient

Individuals arebasic skills deficientwhen their English reading, writing, and speaking skills or computing ability is at or below the 8th grade level.

Basic Skills Goal

A basic skills goal is what must be achieved in order to improve basic learning skills. Basic learning skills include reading, math, writing, speaking, listening, problem solving, reasoning and the ability to use these skills.


A beneficiary is the person named to receive proceeds or benefits. For example, the person named on an insurance policy is a beneficiary of that policy.

Board and Care Home

A Board and Care Home is a group living arrangement designed to meet the needs of people who cannot live on their own. These homes offer some personal services such as meals, housekeeping, and transportation.


A doctor is board-certified when he or she has passed an advanced exam in a special area of medicine. Both primary care doctors and specialists may be board-certified.