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Rehabilitation Equipment and Supplies

The equipment and supplies that help with any program designed around exercise, guidance, or instruction afforded to those with a particular disability, whether physical, psychological, or social.

Rehabilitation Services

Therapeutic care services for persons with disabilities, usually physical, occupational, or speech therapy.

Residential Care Homes

Residential Care Homes provide for the social and daily needs of individuals rather than medical needs. Residents are usually people who are functionally semi-independent, but need assistance in the activities of daily living. Dietary, housekeeping, social and recreational programs, and medical monitoring are the primary functions of these facilities. Adult Residential Care Homes are designated as Type I or Type II. Type I care homes are limited to 5 or fewer residents in a family home. Type II care homes are institutional settings and may care for as many as 50 to 60 residents.

Respiratory Therapy

Home health nurses provide treatment, education and training to patients with lung problems. Respiratory home care patients are supplied with needed respiratory equipment such as concentrators, liquid and cylinder oxygen systems, aerosol and drug nebulization equipment, and home ventilator support systems.

Respite Care

Providing temporary relief to the caregiver(s) from the duties of caring for the patient. Respite care may be provided by members of the interdisciplinary home care team, homemakers or volunteers in the patients home or other residential setting.

Rest Homes

A facility or institution where people are cared for. Often synonymous with nursing homes.

Retirement Communities and Homes

Housing for older adults with amenities such as transportation and social activities. On-site meals, banking, health screenings, pharmacy and sundry shopping may be available.